NACSW Skills Achievement Challenges offer online titling opportunities for you and your dog.

NACSW offers one Skills Achievement Challenge each year. Each Skills Achievement Challenge will include 4 different skills.
Each submission of all 4 skills for a title will cost $25. Members may enter a challenge multiple times with the same dog.

There will be three levels available for each skill tested and you will need to submit video of your dog’s search and a photo or video of the search setup.

Please make sure you review the full rules in the Rule Book and also review the Submission Guidelines to ensure your submissions are accepted.

All submissions will be judged within 30 days.

Questions can be sent to

Click on the link below to view the details for each Skills Achievement Challenge.
2024 Skills Achievement Challenge
The details of previous Skills Challenges are available to print below.
These Skill Challenges are closed and cannot be submitted for title judging.