Filling out this form is the first step in hosting a trial.

After the form is submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your request. This is NOT an approval for your trial.

Note: A trial request should be submitted 4-12 months prior to the trial date to help the NACSW with trial planning. Trials MUST be submitted a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the actual trial date.

The NACSW may request additional information to move your request through the approval process. It is up to the host to determine the availability of a Certifying Official, Judges, and a Score Room Lead. We suggest you contact and try to schedule these roles for your trial event before or during the trial approval process. 

The NACSW may request additional information to move your request through the approval process.

Email with any questions about hosting a trial or for location approval questions.

The legal entity or entities hosting the trial, as listed exactly on the corresponding COI (business, club, or individual). For example:
  • All Dogs Sniff
  • Nosey Dogs, LLC
  • Sniffy Dog Training Club
  • Jane Doe
Name of the person responsible for the pre-trial communication and responsibilities
Email address for the individual, business owner, or club president hosting the trial.
New or Repeat Host? Is this the 1st time hosting for the individual acting as the NACSW contact for the trial?
Host or Agent
Is the contact person performing the pre-trial communication and responsibilities the legal host, or acting as an agent on behalf of the host. The business owner or individual hosting is the legal host. Another person such as a staff member or club member would be an agent acting on behalf of the host.
Phone number for NACSW use only. Will be used when connecting with Trial Contact.
Website where trial premium and info will be listed.  Website needs to be live before trial can be announced.
Email to be used for public announcements and contact from competitors.
Please fill in the formal name of location (for example: Kendall Middle School)
Please include full address including street address, city, state and zip code
Has this site been used for a NACSW trial in the past?
Please be sure to list the month and year and levels for all trials that have taken place at this location in the past 2 years.
Please list both start and end dates of your proposed trial.
Please list the types (Element Specialty Trials and/or Nose Work Trials) and what levels (NW1, NW2).

PLEASE NOTE: Trial sites may not be re-used for NW3 or Elite trials more than two times in a row. After two times in a row of NW3 or Elite, the site must have a year off for those levels. The site may be used for other levels on the off year. Summit Trials may only be held once every two years at the same location.
Is the location being used for other scent work events or activities in the 6 months prior to your trial date?
May include classes, workshops, trials by other venues and any event that includes odor usage.
Is this trial in a location affected by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?
NACSW requires that all dogs be able to participate in all our events without restriction.
Are any of the search areas in visual proximity (less than 100 yards) to a public access area such as a sidewalk or in proximity to a fence that may have a dog behind it?
Does this site have any prohibitive restrictions? For example no smoking, no firearms, no alcohol