If you are hoping to host a trial, you will need to begin planning the event months - sometimes a year - in advance. The timeline below illustrates the major steps that will need to be taken to get the process started.


6-12 months prior to trial date:

  • Find a trial location.
  • Fill out the Trial Request Form expressing your interest in hosting a trial. This initial request will help the NACSW to ensure that trials are being offered in various regions, appropriately spaced geographically and time-wise. Once the initial request is formally approved in writing by the NACSW, you may proceed to the next step in the process.

4-6 months prior to trial date:

  • Confirm your trial location and collect details on the location.
  • Fill out the Trial Request Form once you have preliminary approval with your official trial request. This request will involve finalizing trial location details and other pertinent information.
  • Answer questions from the NACSW regarding details on your trial request.
  • Receive a formal written approval from the NACSW on your trial request with an official date.