Jo Trent originally from Colorado, had allergies to dogs and cats so “pocket pets” is what was roaming around her home.  Jo was lucky enough to have an uncle with a farm, so every summer Jo was able to experience horses, cows, pigs, goats and chickens.

 In 1995 Jo moved to sunny Southern California to work in the corporate world.  After adopting her first cat, Jo’s passion for animals blossomed and she knew she wanted to work with animals.  In 1999 Jo left the corporate world and started her own pet sitting business. To help develop her skills with working with animals and give back to the animal community, she volunteered for the spcaLA. Within months, Jo found herself working full time as the spcaLA’s Outreach Assistant.  

While working at spcaLA, Jo was shelter manger at P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village & Education Center, assisted the spcaLA’s Animal Behavior and Training Department with assessments and became a member of spcaLA’s Disaster Animal Response Team (DART). Jo  became a sworn spcaLA Humane Officer and is S.A.F.E. certified.

Jo’s interest in K9 Nose Work® developed in 2009, when she enrolled Sluggo into a Fun Nose Work class.  Jo enjoyed the confidence and fun that Sluggo experienced through Nose Work so much that she wanted to share the wonderful game with more folks and their dogs.  Through the support of the NACSW founders and her husband, Jo started a new career in 2010 teaching K9 Nose Work® classes.  Jo also works for the NACSW where she handles scorebooks, general workshop inquiries, and assists with the instructor certification program. 

Sluggo is not the only Nose Work star in the Trent household.  Taz soon joined in the fun and has even traveled to many locations to trial and helps her mom at a few workshops and clinics.  Taz and Sluggo share their home with four furry felines.