Beth McDonald grew up riding and training horses. As an adult, she got into K9 Nose Work in order to keep Beth McDonald

a high energy dog occupied. In 2012, Beth and her daughter Paige adopted Maggie, a high energy Labradoodle. Maggie needed a job and K9 Nose Work did the trick. When they started, Beth did the leash handling and Paige, who was under 10, did the rewarding. Beth helped the local 4-H club for several years starting their Rally program.  

After those first few years of nose work, obedience classes, and trials, Beth began teaching nosework classes and completed her CNWI in 2020. In 2020 Beth started KBP Dog Training focusing on K9 Nose Work and puppy basics. 

Beth has three dogs: Chase (retired from Rally and nose work), Max (current competitive dog at NW3, Rally and Obedience), and Porter the puppy (searching on primary food and puppy basic skills). Beth is also an AKC Good Canine Citizen Evaluator and Temperament Evaluator. 

By day Beth is a Project Manager and spends her time planning and executing the plan to meet client needs. Her hobbies include running, kayaking, hiking and collecting National Parks with her family.