Trial Event Results for 2019

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Event NameCitysort iconStateStart Date
Bristol, RI NW2 & Element Specialty Trials Bristol, RI RI04/27/2019
Janesville, WI September NW3 & Elite Division Trials JanesvilleWI09/28/2019
Leadville, CO July NW1, NW2 & NW3 Trials LeadvilleCO07/05/2019
Manteno, IL November Elite Division Trials MantenoIL11/09/2019
Portland, OR October Element Specialty Trials PortlandOR10/12/2019
Santa Paula, CA May NW3 & Elite Division Trials Santa PaulaCA05/04/2019
Somis, CA March Summit Divison Trial SomisCA03/30/2019
Steilacoom, WA June NW1 & Element Specialty Trials Steilacoom,WA06/15/2019
Alabaster, AL February NW1 & Element Specialty TrialsAlabasterAL02/09/2019
Alexis, IL May Elite Division TrialsAlexisIL05/25/2019
Alpharetta, GA April NW3 & Element Specialty TrialsAlpharettaGA04/05/2019
Anchorage, AK June NW1, NW2 & NW3 TrialsAnchorageAK06/07/2019
Andover, CT May NW3 TrialsAndoverCT05/11/2019
Apple Valley, CA October NW1 & NW3 TrialsApple ValleyCA10/26/2019
Appleton, WI June NW3 & Elite Division TrialsAppletonWI06/08/2019
Arvada, CO May NW1 & NW2 TrialsArvadaCO05/03/2019
Asheboro, NC March NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsAsheboroNC03/30/2019
Atascadero, CA November NW1 & NW3 TrialsAtascaderoCA11/23/2019
Auburn, WA November/December Elite Division & NW2 TrialsAuburnWA11/30/2019
Barnum, MN May Summit Division TrialBarnum, MNMN05/18/2019