Trial Event Results for 2019

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Event NameCityStateStart Datesort icon
Wakefield, VA November NW2, NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsWakefieldVA11/08/2019
Greenville, IL November NW3 & Elite Division TrialsGreenvilleIL11/02/2019
Fillmore, CA November NW2 & Element Specialty TrialsFillmoreCA11/02/2019
Grass Valley, CA November NW3 TrialsGrass ValleyCA11/02/2019
Schaumburg, IL November NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsSchaumburgIL11/02/2019
Bloomington, MN November NW3 TrialsBloomingtonMN11/02/2019
Harrisburg, PA November NW3 & Elite Divsion TrialsHarrisburgPA11/01/2019
Apple Valley, CA October NW1 & NW3 TrialsApple ValleyCA10/26/2019
Toledo,OH October NW3 trialsToledoOH10/26/2019
East Gull Lake, MN October NW1 & Elite Divison TrialsEast Gull LakeMN10/26/2019
Milroy, PA October NW3 TrialsMilroyPA10/26/2019
Elkhorn, WI October NW1 & NW2 TrialsElkhornWI10/26/2019
Laramie, WY October NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsLaramieWY10/25/2019
Jefferson, OR October NW3 & Elite Division TrialsJeffersonOR10/25/2019
Pawtucket, RI October Summit TrialPawtucket,RI10/19/2019
East Helena, MT October NW1 & NW2 TrialsEast HelenaMT10/19/2019
Meadow Vista, CA October NW3 TrialsMeadow VistaCA10/19/2019
Hawley, PA October NW2 & Element Specialty TrialsHawleyPA10/19/2019
Fairbault, MN October Elite Division & Element Specialty TrialsFaribaultMN10/19/2019
Joliet, IL October NW1 & NW2 TrialsJolietIL10/19/2019