Trial Event Results for 2018

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Event NameCityStateStart Datesort icon
Loveland, Ohio November NW2 & NW3 TrialsLovelandOH11/10/2018
Glen Spey, NY November NW3 TrialsGlen SpeyNY11/10/2018
Pasadena, CA November Summit League TrialsPasadenaCA11/09/2018
Richmond, VA NW1, NW3, and Elite Division TrialsRichmondVA11/09/2018
Sherwood, OR November NW2 & NW3 TrialsSherwoodOR11/09/2018
Harrisburg, PA NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsHarrisburgPA11/03/2018
Joliet, IL November NW3 TrialsJolietIL11/03/2018
Salt Lake City, UT November NW1 & NW3 TrialsSalt Lake CityUT11/03/2018
Farmington, MN November NW2 & Elite Division TrialsFarmingtonMN11/03/2018
Pawtucket, RI October NW3 & Elite Divison TrialsPawtucketRI10/27/2018
Hawley, PA October NW3 & Element Specialty TrialsHawleyPA10/27/2018
Leadville, CO October NW1 & NW2 TrialsLeadvilleCO10/27/2018
Big Rock, IL October Elite Division TrialsBig RockIL10/27/2018
Marshfield, MO October NW2 & NW3 TrialsMarshfieldMO10/26/2018
Goleta, CA October NW2 & Elite Division TrialsGoletaCA10/20/2018
Turbotville, PA October NW1 & NW3 TrialsTurbotvillePA10/20/2018
Janesville, Wl October Elite Division TrialsJanesvilleWI10/20/2018
Fairbury, IL October Elite Division and Element Specialty TrialsFairburyIL10/20/2018
Nashua, NH October Elite Division TrialsNashuaNH10/20/2018
Corvallis, OR October NW2 & NW3 TrialsCorvallisOR10/20/2018