Trial Event Results for 2018

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Event NameCityStateStart Datesort icon
Gilbert, PA May NW1 & Element Specialty TrialsGilbertPA05/19/2018
Burien, WA May NW3 & Elite Division TrialsBurienWA05/19/2018
Meadow Vista, CA May NW3 & Elite Division TrialsMeadow VistaCA05/19/2018
Lockport, IL May NW1 & NW3 TrialsLockportIL05/19/2018
Lakeville, MN May NW2 & Element Specialty TrialsLakevilleMN05/12/2018
Bloomfield, NY May NW1 & Element Specialty TrialsBloomfieldNY05/12/2018
Loveland, OH May NW1 & NW2 TrialsLovelandOH05/12/2018
Adair Village, OR May NW3 & Elite Division TrialsAdair VillageOR05/12/2018
Lumberton, NC May NW2, Elite Division & Element Specialty TrialsLumbertonNC05/11/2018
Gunnision, CO May NW3 & Elite Division TrialsGunnisionCO05/11/2018
Luxemburg, WI May NW3 TrialsLuxemburgWI05/05/2018
York, ME May NW3 & Elite Division TrialsYorkME05/05/2018
Roosevelt, NY May NW1 & NW2 TrialsRooseveltNY05/05/2018
Rancho Cucamonga, CA May NW3 & Element Specialty TrialsRancho CucamongaCA05/05/2018
Creswell, OR April NW2 & NW3 TrialsCreswellOR04/28/2018
San Luis Obispo, CA April NW1 & NW3 TrialsSan Luis ObispoCA04/28/2018
Peachbottom, PA April NW1 & NW2 TrialsPeachbottom PA04/28/2018
Houlton, WI April NW3 & Elite Division TrialsHoultonWI04/28/2018
Rocky Mount, MO April ELT and NW3 TrialsRocky MountMO04/28/2018
Doswell, VA April NW2, NW3 & Elite Division TrialsDoswellVA04/27/2018