Hosting an ORT

How to host an Odor Recognition Test (ORT)

Official ORTs must be conducted through the NACSW™ in order to be recognized for trial entry and titling purposes.

What do you need to host an ORT?

  • NACSW™ Approval for your ORT
  • Request must be submitted a minimum of 10 weeks prior to your ORT date (click on the button at end of this page for the request form)
  • An ORT Location must be:

Able to fit 12 boxes with a minimum of 48" spacing between boxes and also between boxes and any walls or objects. The space must also allow for a start line at least 48" from the boxes where the participant can come in the door, close the door and still remain behind the start line.

Indoor location or outdoors on concrete or astroturf - no grass, dirt or "natural" surfaces.

Exclusively for use as ORT test space during the test. No other classes or activities in the same room as the ORT. Half walls and/or barriers are not sufficient to separate the ORT from another activity.

Other criteria may apply

  • NACSW™ appointed ORT Judge and ORT Certifying Official
  • A minimum of 25 dogs participating in the ORT
  • Volunteers or staff to cover check in, gate steward, timer, judge's steward, video, and box setter jobs. More details will be provided when your ORT is approved.
  • 20-25 clean, unused, identical boxes as specified by the NACSW™ for a single odor test. Additional boxes required for additional odors.
  • Liability coverage - must list NACSW™ as an additional insured on your policy
  • Video camera - digital video files of the ORT must be supplied to the NACSW™.
  • Ability to enter results in excel (template provided) and email to NACSW™.
  • Additional supplies, requirements and details provided upon ORT approval.

ORT Guidelines and Information

  • All ORT handlers must be current NACSW™ members and have an NACSW™ Score Book for their dog. Membership and dog registration must be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the ORT to ensure that the score book will be received in time for the event.
  • ORTs must have spots available to the general public (not just students or members of a club or training facility).  Any exceptions to this must receive approval from the NACSW™ and are generally only granted in situations like a camp or regional workshop weekend.
  • The NACSW™ will select a number of locations regionally per year for ORTs. The NACSW™ will review the requests and select the locations that can best accommodate regional tests
  • Costs: $5/dog/odor to the NACSW™.  Judge is paid a flat fee of $100 for up to 30 tests.  $1.50/test after that.  Certifying Official is paid a flat fee of $100 for up to 30 tests.  $1.50/test after that plus $25 per set up.  Travel expenses as applicable to the Judge and Certifying Official.  Additional costs may include boxes, location rental, insurance, etc..

ORT Request Process

  • The process begins with an official ORT Request. This will allow the NACSW™ to ensure that the requestor has a sufficient location, secure the date, and appoint a NACSW™ certifying official and judge.
  • The NACSW™ will review your request and may request additional information prior to responding to your request.
  • If your ORT is approved, the NACSW™ will work with you to appoint an ORT Certifying Official and an ORT Judge.  Every effort will be made to find certifying officials and judges that live in proximity to your location to minimize travel costs. You will also receive additional ORT information including requirements for what materials you need to submit to the NACSW™ before and after the ORT.

Submit an ORT Request