ORT Request Form

Filling out this form is the first step in hosting an ORT

ORT Requests must be submitted a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the ORT date

After the form is submitted, you will receive a response regarding the status of your request within 1 week.

The NACSW™ may request additional information to move your request through the approval process.
Email ort@nacsw.net with any questions

Please list the minimum and maximum number of ORT entries you plan to take. Approval from ort@nacsw.net is required to go above or below these limits. Maximum # of entries allowed is 100.

(i.e. handlers with 2 dogs)

***The NACSW will assign a judge and official to your ORT. If you have already contacted a judge/official and they are available, please specify above and we will consider your request in our assignments.

If no, we will need a COI listing NACSW as other insured before your ORT is officially approved. Your ORT coordinator will discuss this with you when you begin working together.

The National Association of
Canine Scent Work® (NACSW)
sets the standards governing
the sport of K9 Nose Work™.


NACSW is the only official
sanctioning and organizing
body for K9 Nose Work
titles and ORTs.