News :: New! Video Examples of NACSW™ K9 Nose Work Trial Searches!

You can now find video examples of NW1 trial level searches (NW2 & NW3 to follow) on this site by going to the trial calendar & information tab on the menu bar and looking for the sub menu: Video Examples of NACSW K9 Nose Work Trial Searches.

These videos were selected as examples of different search environments that a team may face at an NACSW™ K9 Nose Work® trial location. While there are four search elements at every trial (interior, exterior, vehicle, and container), no two trials are the same. Each trial location is a real-world environment with unique challenges, and conditions on the day may add to those challenges.

An NACSW™ K9 Nose Work® trial is much more than a competition, it is an experience you share with your dog. When the real world is your trial location, the learning is never done, and the fun never ends.


Happy Sniffing!


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See how fast the NACSW™ is growing since the first official trial in 2009:


The National Association of
Canine Scent Work® (NACSW)
sets the standards governing
the sport of K9 Nose Work™.


NACSW is the only official
sanctioning and organizing
body for K9 Nose Work
titles and ORTs.