News :: New Titling Option!

We are pleased to announce our newest titling option the Summit League!  These trials will be effective as of July 1, 2018.  Trials will be added to the calendar in the coming weeks.

These trials will have teams compete in elite style searches over two days of competition.  The teams who place in the top 20% at an event will earn titles.

We are developing this titling option to allow more teams to have the opportunity to participate in multiple day elite style trials in head to head competition that tests a variety of skills as well as stamina similar to the challenges presented at our previous National Invitational events.   We will be monitoring these events in consideration of developing a national style event in the future.

These trials will be for our most skilled and experienced teams.  Teams that have earned their ELT-CH will be considered in the first draw.  Teams that have earned their ELT3 will be considered in the second draw if there is space. 

We anticipate that locations that can support this type of event will be limited, therefore we will be limiting each dog to two trial opportunities per calendar year to ensure that as many different eligible dogs as possible get the opportunity to participate in these events.

Effective July 1, 2018 teams that have earned their ELT-CH title will continue to be able to enter Elite trials, however their entries will be considered FEO and will only receive a space in the trial after all qualified entries are accommodated.

Additional details including trial rules will be published in the next few months.


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