News :: The First NACSW™ K9 Nose Work DVD!

The NACSW™ just released their first DVD, The Parker Videos (2012; running time 41 minutes), a guide to getting started in the activity of K9 Nose Work® that features video diary entries of one dog and handler team learning the game. You can purchase the DVD at

This instructional DVD is packed with video and commentary devoted to introducing the novice handler to the activity of K9 Nose Work®. The focus here is on the dogs, and in particular, Parker the Doberman. Follow Parker and his handler, Christy Waehner, CNWI, as they take foundational skills learned at a K9 Nose Work workshop and apply them over the course of eight months to progress to competition level K9 Nose Work®.

Read a full review of The Parker Videos DVD on our blog.


Happy Sniffing! 



See how fast the NACSW™ is growing since the first official trial in 2009:


The National Association of
Canine Scent Work® (NACSW)
sets the standards governing
the sport of K9 Nose Work™.


NACSW is the only official
sanctioning and organizing
body for K9 Nose Work
titles and ORTs.