News :: 2020.03.12 COVID Updates for Members

March 12, 2020

Attn: NACSW Members


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we want to continue to provide information, guidance and support to our hosts and members. The information below is effective immediately and will remain in effect at least through April 30. We will continue to update the information and extend the date as appropriate.


The NACSW office plans on staying open throughout the duration as we are a virtual office and do not anticipate any disruption in behind the scenes support for our hosts and members.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious situation and we take the health and safety of our members seriously. NACSW will continue to leave the decision about cancelling events with our trial hosts. We understand that facilities may close and that each state, county, city are instituting their own guidelines, recommendations and legal orders regarding group events and any quarantine areas. We do require that our hosts follow those guidelines, recommendations and legal orders.


All of our members should stay current on CDC recommendations for safety and general practices. We suggest that all follow the recommendations regarding staying home if you are sick or are in the at-risk group. Each individual needs to make decisions regarding attending events with the health and safety for themselves and their loved ones in mind. If you do attend an event, we recommend that you plan on bringing your own hand washing/sanitizing supplies. Many hosts are doing their best to provide supplies, but as it is currently very difficult to locate those supplies for purchase, they may not have been able to obtain these items.


We are also making recommendations to minimize groups congregating at our events. We will be using Virtual Walk Throughs at all levels when feasible at a location. If you have not found our Virtual Walk Through page, it is available at: And that any group gatherings such as morning briefings and the awards ceremony will be done outdoors if possible. 


We are also supporting our hosts to provide options for replacing COs who may not be able to travel to the event. We are waiving all of our hiring restrictions through at least May 30th.


Our trial staff will be providing support to hosts who need to relocate, cancel or postpone their event. ORTs and Trials cancelled and rescheduled at a later date, will be considered a new ORT or trial as far as having a new premium, a new opening date and a new draw. There is NOT the option to keep the entries and just reschedule for another date with the same competitors. There are just too many different scenarios to consider with this including how long until you can reschedule, other trials in the area in the meantime, people who can’t make the new date, people who cancelled the original date, but can make the new date, etc. We want to stay consistent as an organization through this unprecedented situation. If the cancellations become extensive, we do not have the resources to manage different plans for each unique trial situation.

If an ORT or trial is cancelled, we are recommending to our hosts that they modify their refund policy to be generous. We are recommending that they refund as much as possible after recouping their non refundable expenses. There are many who are going to be financially impacted through this process. We also ask our competitors to be understanding of the financial impact to the trial host. Our trial hosts are individuals, small businesses and small clubs who were counting on the income from these trials. They are not large organizations with deep pockets. We hope that our hosts are still in business after we are back to normal so that they can continue to host trials.

Depending on how things progress over the coming weeks we may also opt to modify the timeline for the random draws to have the draw take place closer to the actual trial date to ensure that the event will actually take place. We will make additional announcements if entry dates are changed.


We appreciate everyone’s patience through this process.


Questions can be sent to



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