The NACSW Vision, Mission and Core Values

The NACSW is all about the dogs in everything we do and everything we believe in. Here is what drives us to bring the best experiences to dogs and dog lovers everywhere:


The NACSW envisions a world where every dog and dog lover find joy and a deeper bond through the activity or sport of K9 Nose Work.



The mission of the NACSW is to make the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work safe, fun and fair for virtually every dog and dog lover through the sanctioning of all K9 Nose Work activities, the training of all Certified Nose Work Instructors, and the officiating of all K9 Nose Work Odor Recognition Tests and K9 Nose Work Trials.



These values guide the decisions of the NACSW and are reflected in the conduct of our members and of the greater K9 Nose Work community. 

We believe in: 

  • Integrity – through honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness 
  • Diversity – accepting dogs of all ages, temperaments, and physical fitness to participate in the activity or sport of K9 Nose Work
  • Responsibility – holding the NACSW, its members and volunteers to the highest standard of conduct
  • Community – building lasting relationships that grow the sport and reflect positively on dogs and dog lovers 
  • Sportsmanship – cultivating an atmosphere of respect, support, and friendly competition for all involved in the sport of K9 Nose Work
  • Safety – for the physical and mental health & well-being of all dogs and dog lovers 
  • Fun – for the dogs, for whom titles and awards make no difference


Become an NACSW member and become a part of the K9 Nose Work community today!

Did you know?


Most NACSW members volunteer at trials when they're not competing. Volunteers have many important jobs: assisting the judges, guiding competitors to their searches, and working in the score room - just to name a few. Check out our page on volunteering at trials to learn more.